Office Morning Prayer


Heavenly Father, 

I come before You this morning   thanking You for waking me up this morning.           

I enter into Your courts with thanksgiving and Your gates with praise.           

I declare Father that this is the day that You  have made and I will rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it.           

Father, I thank You for this position that you have blessed me with here at my job.           

I do not take it for granted, but commit myself  to performing every task assigned to me as unto You and not unto man.         

I will show myself a faithful steward over  what you have given me and in return,
 the blessings of God shall abound in my life for Your word says a faithful  man shall abound in blessings.           

Give me the strength Lord and move in me throughout this day regardless of circumstances or situations.

Help me to  operate in the fruit of the Spirit at all times. That means even when I feel like losing control of my tongue whether it is to speak forth gossip, to curse man or anything that is considered corrupt communication, 
I won't because Your Spirit abounds in me and You said I am the light' and to let my light so shine.         

I choose to let my light shine and as a result, I'll only speak those words that bring edification to You and  others, 
and anything that does not edify me or   others I'll cast away from me.

Thank you Father for being the    Messiah  in my life, My banner, my shield and my strong   high tower.         

You are the one who fights all of my battles therefore, I don't have to.           

Instead of trying to handle difficult  situations or people myself, 
I'll turn it or them over to You Lord and You will work it out for me because You care that much for me.

Thank you Father for being all that you are to me. I will never   find anyone to    be as good to me as you are.

I love You.         

In Jesus' Name, Amen.