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The Word of the Lord Today




Let me ask you some questions. What would you do if you truly knew, deep down within you, I mean beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus was in complete control of your life?

Would you worry less? Would you live each day to the fullest? Would you stop panicking whenever something goes wrong? Would you be able to function more clearly? Would there be more joy in your life?

Well, guess what; if you have fully surrendered your life to the Lord; then He is in control. No matter what you go through, He will be there to protect you. He is there to guide you and fix whatever is broken in your life. He is there to make a way, when there appears to be no way. 

With the Lord on our side, no weapon formed against us will prosper. Oh, we may stumble and have a few bumps and bruises along the way, but when its all said and done; we will rise up victoriously with Christ. That is our heritage as children of the Most High God.


Therefore, meditate on these promises the next time fear raises its ugly head:

DO NOT FEAR THE DAYS AHEAD, as I have ordered them according to My Word, and they will be revealed as you walk forward in Me. Nothing is left to chance; all things come forth at My Command.

DO NOT FEAR TO LAY HOLD OF MY PROMISES. For I have given you My Word. In it is everything that pertains to your life, and to My Purposes concerning you. Do not waver, but believe My Word, for it is your guide. My Word will lead you and be within you. What I have said to you, and placed within your hearts will come to pass

DO NOT FEAR THE ACCUSATIONS that are coming against you by those who do not understand the call that I have placed upon you. They cannot know the work I have done within you. However, I will cause them to see Me in you, and I will your defense and your refuge.

DO NOT FEAR THE NEW DOOR THAT IS BEFORE YOU   Yes, it is a new day, and yes, it is a new walk for you. I have given you everything that you need to accomplish those things that are before you. Do not linger at the door, if you wait too long, it will close, and it will remain closed. Move forward.

DO NOT FEAR THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE ENEMY that has come at you and your home. For the enemy knows that I have brought you to the crossroads and that your family is crossing over into freedom and destiny. I say, look up! See Me moving in your family and know that I will bring them all in.

DO NOT FEAR. Have faith in Me. Take hold of Me and see it all laid out before you. It is, as I said it would be. FEAR NOT, ONLY BELIEVE.





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